Riprap & Shoreline Restoration

For over 20 years, Silver Mist Aquatics Services has been Waupaca’s trusted Shoreline Restoration Specialists. We are dedicated to restoring your shoreline to improve fish and wildlife habitat while protecting against erosion. We deliver this by using the highest quality materials and the proper techniques to ensure our riprap installation is customized to your needs and will last.

Riprap is a blanket of appropriately sized stones, fitted to the slope and shape of the shoreline, extending from the toe of the slope to a height needed for long-term durability. Riprap Installation can effectively prevent erosion by slowing or stopping soil or sand being washed away by wave action, fluctuating water levels, ice pushes, loss of vegetation or human activity. Erosion compromises shorelines by washing sediment into the lakebed, causing weed growth and harming the Eco System.

If you have questions about how we can help you with your shoreline restoration needs, our dedicated team of experienced professionals is ready to help with your questions.

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